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    R$ 75.000,00Price
    The inspiration comes from the sea. A dive with the talent and the
    keen eye of Sergio Matos, the designer from Mato Grosso, Paraíba,
    which brings to the surface the products of his collection "Corals from Acaú". His exotic design, born from the uniqueness of his environment, incorporates the form of the Elk Horn Coral.
    It brings together a sustainable artisanal concept with the local shellfish and crafts of Acaú, a beach from the municipality of Pitimbu in the State of Paraiba. The armchair, with its concave line and steel base, evokes the poetry of a reef in the gathering of over a thousand pieces that supports the structure. The perfect assembly simulates the limestone aesthetic reproduced by the wires folded, nature-like, and covered by a cotton string with the intensity of a red varnish.


    • Details

      Dimensões: 130 cm Largura x 140 cm Profundidade x 90 cm Altura

      Peso 70 kg

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