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    The concept of the “Arreio” chair was born from the union of the localtannery arts & crafts and the unique regional identity.


    The belts, originally designed to attach the saddle to the body of a horse and found at the country fairs of Campina Grande in Paraíba State, are used here as a raw material.


    The steel structure of the chair is covered by the buckled contour of ten leather straps that are a staple of the North Eastern “Sertão" , and which are a material and immaterial symbol of a culture that punctuate the lifestyle and the profile of its inhabitants. The rusticity, the brute strength and the exotic design refers to the 'Armor Movement" created by the famous Brazilian writer and playwright Ariano Suassuna in the 70's to promote the development and understanding of  traditional forms of popular expression.


    In reinventing the function, the Arreio chair makes the harnesses a point of connection between past and present and safeguards the essence of a repertoire of stories that are deeply embedded in the ancestral knowledge of the region.


    • Details

      Dimensões: 70 cm Largura x 90 cm Profundidade x 65 cm Altura

      Peso: 17 kg

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