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The design crosses temporal lines and brings ancestry and clippings of History to the forefront.

From the indigenous tradition of colonial Brazil to the present, the Arupemba – a sieve of straw made from the Carnauba or Buriti trees - lends its aesthetics and name to the armchair and swing of the same name devised by Sergio Matos, the designer from Mato Grosso Sérgio Matos.

The simplicity of the circular artifact used by the natives to sift the corn and cassava flour is extolled by the symbolic value and flavor of the memory that sets the base of the “Juninas” festival tradition in northeast Brazil.

The flexibility of the vegetable fiber gives way here to the rigidity of forged steel which is shaped like no other by the master craftsman Bira, from Sergio Matos Studio.

For this creation, the straw is replaced by the interlaced naval rope, a signature of the designer from Campina Grande in Paraiba State.  The result is furniture that materialize the regional identity, use traditional knowledge and brings back references of a distant daily life with a Brazilian flavor.

  • Details

    Dimensões: 90 cm Largura x 90cm de Profundidade x 92 cm Altura.

    Profundidade do assento 45cm

    Peso: 27 kg

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