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    From afar the boatmen hear the howl. It's the wind. It blows loudly in foreshadowing of alertness. The waters of the rivers rise up agitated and form waves. Vigorous, the banzeiro asks for passage. In a rhythmic ballet, the natural phenomenon characteristic of the rivers of the Amazon region exhibits its choreography. The sinuous language invokes respect for nature and keeps legends cultivated in the orality of the indigenous and riverside communities. In the belief of the Tukano tribe, humanity was generated in the Lake of Milk, the maternal womb of all peoples. The “Gente Peixe” arrived aboard the snake-canoe sailing the Negro and Amazon rivers. There are those who say that it - zigzagging submerged - is the cause of the banzeiro, inspiration of the homonymous table of organic essence. The structure turns in intricate lines and overflows with movement. The poetry of coming and going from the waters shapes the wood and shapes the sculptural shape. “Nothing curumim shouts the fisherman Vaqueiro do Boi Tupi Your canoe has flooded It was a banana tree formed by the big snake I saw, who brought me to the riverbed It was the tucuxi boto” (Bené Siqueira)


    Measures: 130 cm wide x 70 cm deep x 37 cm high


    *Shipped without glass top

    • Dimensions:

      130 cm wide x 70 cm deep x 37 cm high

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