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  • BATINGA ARMCHAIR - tecido sea


    Organicity reverberates poetry. Essence of Batinga armchair rooted in the exuberance and diversity of Brazilian forests. The original name of the Tupi language refers to the tree with a resistant trunk and softly scented flowers. Balance between strength and delicacy expressed in the concept that exudes freshness. The aluminum base curves to the sinuosity of the scalloped backrest that claims originality. The trait cultivates similarity with two leaves in bud, signaling the green that oxygenates life. The metallic structure measured the volume and texture contained in the pattern of the handmade mooring made with nautical rope.


    Dimensions: 106 cm Width x 81.5 cm Depth x 99.5 cm Height

    • 106 cm Width x 81.5 cm Depth x 99.5 cm Height

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