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    Exoticism ripples in outlines and colors; it is the Cobra Coral chair that boasts its bold and provocative design. The stainless steel frame surrenders to the hypnotic effect of the snake's skin hues enhanced by the tricolor naval ropes. The coral, black and white colors alternate in a sinuous ballet and show the skilled hands behind the handmade girdle. On the back of the piece, the interlacing emphasizes lightness and movement and showcase the beauty of the coral snake that inhabits the entire Brazilian territory, captures many of the forest myths and weaves itself in the poetry of the homonymous song of the Brazilian poet and singer CaetaVneolo s:o "Stop curling, now, coral snake / In order that I copy the colors with which you adorn yourself / So that I make a necklace to give to my beloved / In order that your beauty, your languor, your elegance / Reign on the snakes' kingdom ".


    *Product in the permanent collection of the Museum of Arts and Design – New York

    • Details

      Dimensões: 46 cm Largura x 55 cm Profundidade x 90 cm Altura

      Altura do assento ao chão: 45 cm

      Peso: 10 kg;

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