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CUPUÍ ARMCHAIR - tecido sun
  • CUPUÍ ARMCHAIR - tecido sun


    The organic shape, the handcrafted weave that elaborates volume and texture, the natural color that produces welcome. The Cupuí Armchair has an intricate connection with nature and handicraft activities in its aesthetics with a shelter atmosphere. The imposing design reflects contemporaneity and celebrates the fruit of the cupuize tree, where the curved line of movement mirrors the elongated shape of the woody bark over the almost golden pulp. When weaving the forged aluminum base, the interweaving of the nautical rope recalls the ancient art of basket weaving, typical of the native peoples of the Amazon. The link with the forest and ancestral knowledge is the weaving of timeless design coated with narratives that nurture identity and belonging.


    Dimensions: 127 cm Width x 112 cm Depth x129.5 cm height

    • Dimensions:

      127 cm Width x 112 cm Depth x 129.5 cm height

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