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    Portions of delicacy, poetry, sophistication and symbolism materialized in the design of the Flor de Lótus Armchair. The design that overflows transcendental narratives is born from the collaboration of Estúdio Sergio J. Matos with the iconic model Isabeli Fontana. Packed by sensitivity, the Lotus Flower configures a special edition of 100 numbered pieces within a versatile color palette in the Italian fabric Silvertex-Spradling.


    The freshness of the contemporary concept delves into the millenary culture of the East and sharpens the blossoming of meanings rooted in Buddhist philosophy and Asian literature. Stylized in the composition of seven petals forged in stainless steel, the design of the aquatic flower projects the reference of the sacred, the purity of body and mind. It brings out the metaphor of rebirth by defying the muddy waters and opening up in search of light with vivacity and immaculate beauty. Links of resilience, wisdom and knowledge.


    Available in different colors


    • Dimensions:

      90 cm Width x 104 cm Depth x 81 cm Height

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