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    Sergio J. Matos, the designer from the North Eastern State of Mato Grosso, took his inspiration for the Ipê stool from one of the icons of the Brazilian flora: the Ipê tree. The stool's steel structure branches out into stylized leaves that cover the seat and span over the whole top, suggesting an invisible balance between strength and lightness.

    The rigid metal frame is dressed with naval rope which enhances the geometric design and imparts texture to the foliage. The delicate poesy of the rope work in the Ipê stool creates a balance that attracts the eye.

    It is the same balance of Nature that strips the leaves from the tree branches in the Winter months from July to September, leaving a new space for re-growth. A sea of white, purple and
    yellow flowers adorns the landscapes in a spectacular show of nature.

    • Details

      Dimensões: 70 cm Largura x 70 cm Profundidade x 45 cm Altura

      Peso: 15 kg

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