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  • MANTA NEGRA ARMCHAIR - tecido acn


    The imposing size claims strength and beauty. It brings out the inspiration immersed in the immensity of marine waters where mysteries and surprising beings inhabit the darkness. Captured by the gaze, the black manta ray materializes in the armchair with the same name. The organic and fluid shape forged in aluminum expresses lightness. It translates the sinuosity of the lines that expand laterally in similarity to the fins that look more like wings. They refer to the movement of the fish that slides smoothly in the waters and performs an enveloping ballet with the air of flight. The handmade lashing of the nautical rope ties volume and texture to the repeating pattern.

    Materials: Aluminum, nautical rope, upholstery and fabric.

    • Dimensions:

      142 cm wide x 70 cm deep x 99 cm high

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