Inspiration comes from flora. It germinates in the form of the Morototó puff, the name of the tree that lays an imposing green in the Brazilian Amazon Forest. From the elliptical design of the seed, the trace reproduced in triad in the robust stainless steel structure was collected. It translates the connection of the fruits that hang in clusters of the crowns that touch the sky in a smooth movement. The handmade weave that covers the piece of furniture reveals the hypnotic shuttle of the naval rope, composes textures, highlights the volumetry and keeps the warmth of hands skilled in tying poetry. Contemporary design branches into links with nature, links forest myths and extols the seed as a symbol of life and raw material in the ornaments that crown indigenous rituals. It carries, in its essence, the ancestral root of Brazilianness.


Available in different colors


Dimensions: 68 cm Width x 50 cm Depth 36 cm Height


Weight: 6 kg

  • Dimensões:

    68 cm Width x 50 cm Depth 36 cm Height

    Weight: 6 kg

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