The handmade textile fabric becomes the signature of the designer Sérgio Matos. It brings strength and poetry to the aesthetics of each product rich in narratives that permeate
    Brazilian culture. This same warp marks the design of the Bank Trancelim and covers the symbolism connected to the popular celebrations that resist the time as a record of the
    colonizing influence. Cuttings of the social formation of the country that do not escape the eyes of the Mato Grosso in its north-south movements. Contemporaneous, Banco Trancelim binds in steel and naval rope references of the homonymous dance, typical of the popular manifestations
    that in the June period invade streets and Terreiros of the cities of Barbalha, Crato and Juazeiro. The choreography that results in the interlacing of colored ribbons in a central mast appears reproduced in the coming and going of the fabric embraced to the metallic structure. The
    participants - men and women - are implied in the ball of the ones that follow the rhythm of the hands of the master Geraldo, artisan of the Studio. The originality exposes the luxury of the handmade, with a seat in intangible heritage.

    • Details

      Width: 19,6 inches
      Height: 23,6 inches
      Depth: 19,6 inches