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    { interweaving of tradition } The ancestor and the contemporary. The living memory that supplies the present and traditional knowledge in symbolic perspectives. This game of antitheses constitutes the concept of Poltrona Tupé and establishes contrasts anchored in the design that, in addition to aesthetics and function, maps origins, belongings, heritage value, identity and narratives. It tells in form, color, volume and texture about experiences, doings and knowledge. The modern spirit reveres the past and the inspiration goes back to the structure of the tupé, an indigenous mat made with stems of embaúba to shelter agricultural products from the sun.


    The millenary art of basketry borrows from the tradition of the perfect interlacing elaborated under an innovative vision of the raw material and process. Instead of organic fiber, sheet metal; from artisanal heat, laser cutting. Before the eye, the steel structure subverts weight and density with a hollow aesthetic that translates lightness. Imposing design that cultivates completeness in the territory of oppositions.


    Materials: Aluminum, nautical rope.


    Dimensions: 101 cm wide x 80.5 cm deep x 98 cm high

    • Dimensions:

      101 cm wide x 80.5 cm deep x 98 cm high

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