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    Voluptuous, seductive and full of charms. For design that exudes culture, ancestry and identity. Contemporary, Poltrona Yara delves into Brazilian folklore and invites you to take a sensory journey through the rivers and streams of the Amazon region. It puts the senses to the test immersed in the legend told and retold by the native peoples. The mother of the waters - owner of an intoxicating voice and of great beauty - is half woman and half fish like the mermaids that populate Greek mythology. The sensuality expressed in the Yara body inspires the curvilinear lines that dominate the rigidity of the aluminum. It evokes a provocative movement that gains volume and texture under the nautical rope knitting weave. Intertwining that refers to the scales of the tail that slides gracefully through the waters. Minimalist, the aesthetic exalts the involving protagonism of craftsmanship.


    Materials: Aluminum and nautical knitting


    Dimensions: 89.5 cm wide x 92.5 cm deep x 97.5 cm high

    • Dimensions:

      89.5 cm wide x 92.5 cm deep x 97.5 cm high

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