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    The inspiration that connects to nature, the sculptural bearing, the essence marked by narratives and symbolism. The original aesthetic of Mesa Sertão takes center stage in contemporary decor. The concept stylizedly mirrors the palm cactus rooted in the hinterland of Northeastern Brazil. The iconographic species of the regional landscape is an expression of strength and delicacy.


    The exuberance of the plant, resistant to soil aridity and high temperatures, is found in its cylindrical stem, oval and flattened branches and leaves adapted to thorns. Beauty crowned by flowers and fruits that transition between shades of yellow and red, coloring the caatinga biome with poetry. The organicity of the design is materialized in certified jequitibá wood - the largest native tree in the national flora. The vigorous structure resembles an open-air palm patch to be cultivated through the glass top. Vivacious design with a territorial soul and links of belonging. Exclusive by Estúdio Sérgio J. Matos for Origin.



     The inspiration comes from the literature of popular booklets stretched out on strings at open-air markets in the Northeast. In the colloquial language content - with rhymes and metrics centered on satire, history, folklore and social reality - it is anchored in the woodcut illustration marked by elements of iconography with the soul of the Sertão. It brings to light the contemporary aesthetics of the Cordel Chair, balancing strength and delicacy.


     The certified jequitibá wood structure enhances organicity and gives protagonism to the caatinga. The dominant biome symbolizes resilience and faces the challenges of sprouting and flowering in arid soil. The details of the piece highlight the open-air landscape composition. The circular seat is supported by cacti as a manifestation of vital power and the lunar-shaped back radiates poetry. Memory and belonging in design that bows to beauty.




     The imposing size, the voluptuous shape, the noble raw material. Made from certified jequitibá wood and a leather seat, the Cordel Poltrona translates the land as a part of identity. Explains welcome and address; territoriality and belonging; senses and feelings elaborated in the Sertão that pulses outside geographic limits.

     The robust shape of the upholstery recalls, in its soft leather color, the paths of refugees in contemporary woodcuts, colored by vibrant hues. The half-moon back sophisticates the design that also nods to the iconic hat of Lampião, the king of cangaço. Between the lines of narratives contained in the design that exudes regionality. Exclusive to the Sertões Collection with the sophisticated Origin seal.

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