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    A poetic blossoming, in minutiae that transport the imagination to breathe the forest in the abundance of green and all its atmosphere. The drawing directs the eye. Invites you to contemplate how the stainless steel structure unfolds in portions and reveals the exuberance of the Anahí flower in the originality of the homonymous chair. The expansion - highlighted by the intricate handcrafted mooring of the naval rope - starts from the core that houses the upholstery and reaches the edges in the ease of the concentric pattern. The sides keep the delicate undulation that leaves the unfolding of the petal suspended. The detail resonates with a pause of nature on the verge of crowning the act of flourishing. The inspiration taken from the Brazilian flora delves into the legends that cross time and are recounted in the orality of the descendants of the Tupi tribe. Anahí, which means “beautiful flower from the sky” in the native language, is an ode to beauty that is magnetized by the scarlet tone. Sculptural aesthetics that give seating to contemporary and sophisticated design.

    • Dimensions:

      102 cm Width x 80 cm Depth x 91 cm Height

      Weight: 25 kg

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