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    The hypnotic lines shuttle seduces the look. It traces the majestic size of the Buriti Chair, with inspiration rooted in the Brazilian flora and the culture of the indigenous and riverside peoples. The design celebrates the buriti tree, imposing palm tree of the Amazon that baptizes the piece of furniture and exalts the myths, the bonds of belonging, the multiple gifts of the call “Tree of Life”. 
    The aesthetics springs from the legend of the Tapuia Indians who its origin comes of a gift from Tupã, a sacred entity symbolized by thunder. The tribal tales between generations narrates the blossoming of the emerald green leaves, where the central located leaves form a crown to adorn and protect the forest. In the beds of rivers and streams the palm tree reaches more than thirty meters of altitude and can be seen from a distance, demanding respect and reverence.

    The symbolic burden – added by the scratches of the fruit red shell – configures the trace of an elaborated structure with a richness of details. The curve movement of the steel shows perenniality. The metal wrapped by the mooring of naval rope establishes harmony in the sometimes energetic, other times subtle form. The backrest and the seat crowns the poetry of artisanal work; The thread of ancestry present in the belief that connects heaven, earth, god and men. Underneath the contemporaneous creation, lies the leafy forms of buriti tree that houses function, aesthetics and memory. In simplicity, the design of Brazilian soul worships culture and rests under the shadow of a palm tree.
    • Details

      Altura total: 90 cm x Altura do assento ao chão:45 cm x Largura: 59 cm

      Peso: 13 kg

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