The memories jump from the popular celebrations, the revelry and manifestations rooted in the culture mixed. They are dressed and lined with the cheetah, the floral and popular fabric that came from India to be the icon of Brazilian celebrations. Inspiration, with perfume of tradition, for the homonymous balance. The structure that translates lightness evokes poetry. It has the delicacy of a hanging bouquet, full of narratives that resemble the costumes and allegories of Reisado, São João, Maracatu and Carnival. Commemorations intertwined with the plurality of many Brazilians between North and South, East and West.

    The flowers that stamp memories and identity make up the creation script. It shows the robust design in aluminum, covered by the mooring made by hand. The shuttle of the nautical rope links the metal under the skill and dexterity of the craftsmen dedicated to the textile plots. The contemporary design, with its original and timeless design, invites you to experience your feet off the ground and float.

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      Dimensões: Largura: 106 cm x altura: 155 cmx profundidade: 105 cm

      Peso: 35 kg

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