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ERERÉ ARMCHAIR - tecido sea
  • ERERÉ ARMCHAIR - tecido sea


    Ancestry, connection to nature, identity. This is the triad that supports the concept of Ereré armchair. The imposing feature gains importance in the translation of the word of Tupi origin. Ereré constitutes lightness in the flight of the “canoe-marreca” bird, typical of the Brazilian northeast. Flying over regionality, the design unfolds into symbolic references and heritage value. The protagonism of the plot elaborated in macramé fixes the gaze on the interlaces and knots that recall the hammocks, a heritage of the indigenous culture. The sculptural aesthetic is also seductive and enigmatic, as is the devotion of some native peoples to animals that symbolize gods in other dimensions. Design tied to the sacred of nature.


    Dimensions: 72 cm Width x 89.5 cm Depth x97.5 cm height

    • Dimensions:

      72 cm Width x 89.5 cm Depth x 97.5 cm height

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