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    Many denominations, a unique beauty. Gravatá bromeliad also echoes in Brazilian flora such as gravá, croatá, caroá, caraguatá, coroatá. Typical of the cerrado region, the species with few leaves shows flowers in shades of red. The original name of the Tupi word "kara wã" means stem with thorn. Exuberance combined with resistance inspires the Gravatá Armchair. The creation flourishes materialized in the stainless steel structure and blooms in petals with the perspective of overlapping. The vigorous and sculptural design is covered by handmade nautical rope mooring. The back and forth of the weave magnetizes the look in the composition of the delicate texture. Design rooted in the diversity of the Brazilian landscape.


    Available in different colors

    • Dimensions:


      92 cm Width x 78 cm Depth x 95 cm Height

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