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    The iron's rigid design bends to the intricate binding of the threads. Inspiration captured from the railings that guard and decorate windows, doors and balconies of the centenary houses of the capital of Pernambuco. The curvilinear shapes – dating back to the beginning of the last century – are present in the buildings of the Apipucos, Morro da Conceição and Casa Amarela districts. Design that architects the Vaso Harmonia, an integral part of the Grades collection in Recife. Aesthetics and function that evokes poetry and leads through the paths of history, memory and identity. “Clean up! See only, no! Feel the city. Evoke your past, share your present, dream about your future. Find live interest in a tiled façade, paving stones, a roof spout, a lookout top, a passerby's face, a church staircase, a wall jack, in a shop interior, in a street lamp... Arranging... Knowing and remembering”. (Mário Sette - Arruar... Picturesque History of Ancient Recife - 1948)


    Available in different colors


    Dimensions: 35 cm Width x 35 cm Depth x 40 cm Height


    Weight 2.5 kg

    • Dimensions:

      35 cm Width x 35 cm Depth x 40 cm Height

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