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IKAL ARMCHAIR - tecido prolipropileno

IKAL ARMCHAIR - tecido prolipropileno


Sophisticated, engaging, welcoming. The Ikal Armchair is anchored in the lightness of the organic trait, enhancing the connection with nature. The proud bearing of the structure made of aluminum tubes balances strength and delicacy. It gives vent to the fluid movement that runs through the design and, in the exacerbated sinuosity, it plays with undoing the rigidity of the metal. The inspiration rooted in the century-old trees of Brazilian forests refers to the grandeur of resisting time and witnessing transformations at the mercy of infinite seasons. It establishes the sacred air inherent to the forests and all the biodiversity present in them. Design with an aura of the sacred, as revealed by the translation of the name taken from the Mayan civilization.


Materials: Aluminum, upholstery and fabric.


Dimensions: 128 cm wide x 94.5 cm deep x 119.5 cm high

  • Dimensions:

    128 cm wide x 94.5 cm deep x 119.5 cm high

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