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    The chair’s inspiration and concept germinates from the Morototó an imposing green tree of the Brazilian Amazon Forest. The elliptical design of its seed resembles the outlined triad of the robust steel structure. It evoques the connection to the fruits hanging in bunches
    rocking softly by the crown of the trees.

    The handmade fabric that covers the Morototo chair reveals the hypnotic ebb and flow of the naval rope, creating textures, emphasizing volumes and preserving the warmth of hands skilled at weaving poetry.


    Contemporary design is connected with nature, embraces the myths of the forest and exalts the seeds as a symbol of life and raw material in the adornments that crown the indigenous rituals. It carries, in its essence, the ancestral roots of the Brazilian soul.

    • Details

      Dimensões: 66cm Largura x 84cm Profundidade 80cm Altura

      Altura do assento ao chão: 38 cm

      Peso: 16 kg;

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