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    The handmade textile weave is the signature of the Brazilian designer Sérgio J Matos. It brings
    strength and poetry to the aesthetics of each of his products, rich in narratives that permeate the
    Brazilian culture.
    This same texture marks the design of the Trancelim chair and stool and covers it with time-
    immemorial symbolisms connected to popular celebrations and influenced by colonization. These
    elements of Brazil history do not escape the keen eyes of Sergio Matos in his extended travels all
    over Brazil.
    Even though contemporary, the Trancelim chair and stool’s union of steel and naval rope is a
    reference to the Trancelim dance, typical of the popular festivals which, every June, invade the
    streets of Barbalha, Crato and Juazeiro in the State of Ceará.
    The choreography that results in the interweaving of colored ribbons on a central mast is reproduced by the coming and going of the fabrics onto the metal structure. The implicit rhythm of Master Geraldo, expert craftsman at the Sergio Matos studio, reveals the luxury of the Handmade and the originality of the Trancelim chair and stool, which originate in the intangible heritage of Brazil.

    • Details

      Dimensões: 80 cm Largura x 70 cm Profundidade x 80 cm Altura

      Peso: 22 kg

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