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From Brasil to the world



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More than function Design has the power to shelter history, memory and affective ties. It is from this perception - lined with the essence of Brazilianness - that the Mato Grosso designer Sérgio Matos caters and nourishes the development of furniture and decoration products. All endorsed in the cultural cauldron with mestizo seasoning. The solid foundation of creation puts its feet in regionality, in identity that resists time and preserves ancestral techniques and knowledges. The handmade, with human warmth, stamps the stamp of originality.



The trajectory - since the studio's opening in 2010 - has won national and international awards and collaborates to strengthen the image of Brazilian design. It opens routes for the diffusion of knowledge, where the union of the design with the craftsmanship results in consultancies directed to the artisan communities. Each experience creates entrepreneurial opportunities and rescues individual and collective dreams. It also strengthens belief in the inherited abilities of the ancestors and projects self-esteem as fuel to enhance riches that are at the fingertips, in the palm of the hands.

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